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July 31, 2013

As you can watch it at AXN, finally he made it! Jonathan Allen Yabut as the winner of The 1st Apprentice Asia. CONGRATULATION.

WINNING DRIVEN CHARACTERSJonathan handwriting for web


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.35.31 PM

T-bar reveals the writer’s attitude toward his aspirations. With the points upward t-bar that Jonathan had, he is fulfilled with ambition and hopefulness to achieve his goals. His excitement helps him to moving ahead and succeeding.



Slight variable in his alignment shows that Jonathan is adaptable. He behaves in such a way that he fits in with the group and others’ expectations. He is more responsive to emotional than to logical appeals, that’s why he is able to reaches out toward other people. His adaptability mold Jonathan as a person with an open mind for new concepts and things. He will consider new ideas sooner than most people and is oriented toward projects, which connect him with the future.


j3 Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.35.31 PM

The combination of his upward t-bar and right slant of his handwriting is a strong evident that he’s an optimist and positive person. Focus more in the future opportunity than present threat is the secret behind his burning passion.


j2 j3

 The combination of slight variable in his alignment and the right slant of his handwriting shows the diplomacy ability of Jonathan. Both traits described that he wants to establish contact with others and willing to understand his fellow beings better. Jonathan emotionally responsive toward everything that happens to and around him. He has an outgoing nature and likes to get involved with people; enjoys participating in their activities. He is a more sympathetic appearing person because of his quick response, and he is moved by the troubles of others, just as he is by his own. All of those touchy things boost his diplomacy performance.



A person with the right slant in their handwriting is a responsive person especially in the emotional area. Jonathan also will not fake his emotion and that creates a sincere ambience among the people in his surroundings. This is also the reason why he is capable to moves or motivate people naturally.

Vocationally, he would function best in commercial situations where a mass goal needs to be achieved and everyone understands that little time can be spent on being thoughtful of a participant’s individual needs.[button link=”#” size=”small” target=”self”][/button]

[divider] HOW HE COMPLETES HIS BOSS [/divider] Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.17.24 PM

Referring to the comparative table between Mr. Tony and Jonathan character, you can see that there are several differences between the apprentice and the boss. Each of them have their own uniqueness. The most important thing is, what we can see as the character similarity between both of them, luckily is the top strength that Mr. Tony also has. The High Aspiration and Optimism will function as a gasoline to the “engine” whereas the remaining of Jonathan’s characters are the amazing characters that will complement and enrich Mr. Tony’s.

[button link=”#” size=”small” target=”self”][/button] EXTERNAL BEHAVIOR Jonathan will be able to adapt easily to Mr.Tony’s persistence and he is also willing to open his mind and accepting his boss idea.

[button link=”#” size=”small” target=”self”][/button] COMMUNICATION STYLE The directness of Mr.Tony’s communication style may surprised Jonathan in the future but his diplomacy style will help him to adapt with his boss and especially will help Mr.Tony when he is dealing with a hard situation with people.

[button link=”#” size=”small” target=”self”][/button] EMOTIONAL RESPONSE With the controlled behavior that Mr.Tony has plus responsive behavior from Jonathan, both of them will complement each other. The apprentice will function his emotional response like an accelerator and the boss will function as a brake. The duet will be like an explosive young apprentice and wise mature boss.

Again, like I have mentioned in 5 VIP (Very Important Personality) behind Tony Fernandes’ success, whoever you and whenever you are, if you have the same traits with Mr.Tony Fernandes or Jonathan in your handwriting, you also have the same quality and success potential as well.


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Your Answer for 2 Finalist of The Apprentice Asia’s Character!

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July 31, 2013

Who WIll Be Hired by Tony Fernandes?

A person with a high aspiration and enthusiasm to achieve goal that also equipped with a good self-mastery level will definitely able to impress Tony more easily.

In regards of character, I believe that as the boss of Air Asia, Mr. Tony already has a set of specific character requirements for each of his left-and-right hand. If we take a look at the two finalist of AXN’s The Apprentice Asia, Jonathan Yabut and Andrea Loh, the fact is both of them have several part of Tony VIP (Very Important Personality) factor.  Which one will suit him the most? While you will find out the result on The Apprentice Asia’s finale this Wednesday, here is my analysis based on handwritin samples of Tony, Jonathan and Andrea.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.44.50 PM

Overall, Jonathan Yabut is an expressive optimist player with a high goals and ambition. That is the first impression and also the dominant trait in his handwriting.

Those dominant characters are suitable with the list of number 1 and 3 from 5 VIP items of Tony Fernandes’ black box.

Jonathan Yabut’s Handwriting Analysis (General Preview)



The summary of general preview about Jonathan Yabut VIP (Very Important Personality) :

General Characteristics

  • Adaptive
  • Open mind
  • Set high standards for self- improvement.
  • Progressive achiever
  • Ambitious

Value To Team

  • Good team player through understanding his fellow beings.
  • Motivates others to achieve
  • Give a quick response and moved by the troubles of others, just as he is by his own.
  • Willing to sacrifice present gratification for the sake of future team aims.

Possible Weaknesses

  • Easily feels taken advantage of by others
  • He habitually opposes others and frequently resists by passive means.
  • Susceptible to being influenced by circumstances and other people.
  • Has an unreasonable need to justify his beliefs
  • Since the writer responds so much on the emotional level, he may become prejudiced.

Motivated by

  • Encouragement if he has to stay with a long-lasting or troublesome project.
  • Opportunities to advance himself that will bring prestige or prove him to be outstanding in some way.
  • Chance to get involved with people and participating in their activities.
  • New ideas and projects that connect him with the future.

What Tony will need from Jonathan to be his apprentice are :

  • Increase the ability to manage his emotional level so Jonathan will more easily when dealing with a tricky yet full of emotional intrigue situation.
  • Keep staying objective in a various situation, both in a very positive or negative environment.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.46.38 PM

Overall, Andrea Loh is a reliable direct persistence player. That is the dominant trait in her handwriting. Those dominant characters are suitable with the list of number 1, 2, 4 and 5 from 5 VIP inside Tony Fernandes’ black box. More general preview about Andrea Loh VIP (Very Important Personality) :



General Characteristics

  • Controlled behavior
  • Direct in thought and action
  • Reliable
  • Steady to pursue goals
  • Internally motivated

Value To Team

  • Able to direct others to stop beating around the bush and get to the point
  • A person who gets things done
  • Devote herself to the serious issues of her work.
  • Speaks as concisely as possible and makes every word count
  • She does not burden others with her personal pain or problems.

Possible Weaknesses

  • Tends to have a melancholic outlook that drives her to be perfectionist and dealing with dilemma inside her mind at once
  • Becomes irritated by interference and delays
  • Unconsciously utilizes her energies and resources mainly toward her own personal goals
  • Communication challenge when she has to reach out others using her emotional level even when she wants to
  • Usually interrupts others as soon as she knows what they are going to say because time is the important essence for her

Motivated by

  • Facts and data. She functions best where emotional display is not the rule
  • Task rather than people. She wants to get on with the job rather than wasting time in socializing.
  • Clear and direct approach

What Tony will need from Andrea to be his Apprentice are :

  • Showing more enthusiasm and optimist expression to support and synergize his energy
  • Andrea is a warm person inside yet cold outside. Unfortunately, majority people seems still applied the theory of “judge a book by it’s cover”. However, increasing her people person skill especially in direct communication will help her to have more positive first impression.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 5.21.38 PM

As you can see from the comparison review, Andrea is a candidate who seem has more similar characters with Mr. Tony based on those 5 VIP (Very Important Personality) factors. She has the chance to be a mirror of Mr. Tony himself in many things. Jonathan, on the other hand, has less similar characters with Mr. Tony, but the top 2 strengths of Mr. Tony Fernandes are also in him, whereas the remaining of his characters are the amazing characters that will complement and enrich Mr. Tony’s characters.


Combining these two edges of characters, Jonathan will impress and energize Mr. Tony Fernandes with his top 2 similar strengths, and complete him with a different external behavior toward others, different style of communication and also different emotional response. Andrea, though her enthusiasm is not expressed as much as Jonathan, she will be able to make Mr. Tony feel secure and comfortable easily with a lot of similarity that she has.

The final decision is in Mr. Tony himself.

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Source :

  • Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis – Marc Seifer PhD
  • The ABCs of Handwriting Analysis – Claude Santoy, PhD
  • Handwriting Analysis – Sheila Lowe



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5 VIP inside Tony Fernandes “Black Box”

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July 31, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.49.33 PM

Unlocking Tony’s Characters I believe you already know who is Tony Fernandes, one of the most successful entrepreneur from Asia and the boss of The Apprentice Asia. Tony proved his entrepreneur skill through the journey of Air Asia, highly successful budget airline public-listed company. You can find him on Google and learn his successful stories or learn from his wisdom on AXN’s The Apprentice Asia. But do you realize that behind the successful stories there is a powerful factor that brings him into a success person? His character is the answer!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.47.30 PM

Using the science of handwriting analysis, I will share the 5 VIP (very important personality) factors of Tony Fernandes.

1. High Aspiration 

T-bar length reveals the writer’s attitude toward his aspirations. With the length that Tony Fernandes had, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to push himself forward to get it. Forceful and with an ability to direct other people, his enthusiasm and excitement help get things moving. Jack Welch also owns this handwriting trait.



2. Persistent 

Final strokes conclude individual movement impulses after letters and words. They refer to the writer’s behavior regarding the environment. Tony’s final stroke revealed that he has the capability to insist on having his own way in the midst of confusing environment. When dealing with the doubters, Tony will be able to keep his own vision going no matter what.

2a 2b

3. Optimist 

The real or imagined alignment symbolizes the threshold of the person’s conscious mind. Alignment of the baseline illustrates the writer’s mood level and also describes how he works in achieving his goal. It reveals whether he is in a positive or negative frame of mind. The optimistic tendency is expressed in the ascending and the pessimistic tendency in the descending direction of the line. Tony has a natural rising alignment that projected his feeling about life and how to achieve his goal; which are optimist, positive, and full of enthusiasm.


4. Clear Communication Skill

The ideal form of oval letter writing is the clear one and Tony has it within his handwriting. The clear level of oval letter describes the communication ability to state what is inside his mind to other peoples. With this clarity level, Tony is very good in communicating what he wants directly. He may be less diplomatic at times, but what he expresses is what he truly thinks and believes which will enable him to lead with a very minimum misleading chance.


5. Controlled Emotion 

Slant reveals the writer’s degree of emotional responsiveness or respective lack of it. With the slant degree that he had (91 – 110 degree), it is quite challenging for Tony to response in the emotional area. As a blessing in disguise, this is also the reason why he doesn’t respond to pressure from others and able to framed his big ambition by continuing working on the vision without any emotional disruption.

5b 5a

The combination of those 5 VIP (Very Important Personality) items inside Tony Fernandes black box has mold him into a person who has an extraordinary goals, high enthusiasm, optimistic with a direct and persistence leadership yet still alert which able to captured his ambition to stay connected on the ground. In conclusion, Tony Fernandes handwriting revealed a character of a person who has an unrealistic goal that made him a creative person yet still possible to be a realistic winner in the race with his alert level.

Whoever and wherever you are, no matter what your nationality is, if you have the same traits of Tony’s in your handwriting, you also have that character deep within you. Investigate your own character to realize what potential do you have and prepare your self to have a great alteration in your life.

You can learn more from Tony by watching him in action on The Apprentice Asia on AXN.

Source : 

•         Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis – Marc Seifer PhD

•         The ABCs of Handwriting Analysis – Claude Santoy, PhD

•         Handwriting Analysis – Sheila Lowe

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