5 VIP inside Tony Fernandes “Black Box”

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Unlocking Tony’s Characters I believe you already know who is Tony Fernandes, one of the most successful entrepreneur from Asia and the boss of The Apprentice Asia. Tony proved his entrepreneur skill through the journey of Air Asia, highly successful budget airline public-listed company. You can find him on Google and learn his successful stories or learn from his wisdom on AXN’s The Apprentice Asia. But do you realize that behind the successful stories there is a powerful factor that brings him into a success person? His character is the answer!

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Using the science of handwriting analysis, I will share the 5 VIP (very important personality) factors of Tony Fernandes.

1. High Aspiration 

T-bar length reveals the writer’s attitude toward his aspirations. With the length that Tony Fernandes had, he knows what he wants and is not afraid to push himself forward to get it. Forceful and with an ability to direct other people, his enthusiasm and excitement help get things moving. Jack Welch also owns this handwriting trait.



2. Persistent 

Final strokes conclude individual movement impulses after letters and words. They refer to the writer’s behavior regarding the environment. Tony’s final stroke revealed that he has the capability to insist on having his own way in the midst of confusing environment. When dealing with the doubters, Tony will be able to keep his own vision going no matter what.

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3. Optimist 

The real or imagined alignment symbolizes the threshold of the person’s conscious mind. Alignment of the baseline illustrates the writer’s mood level and also describes how he works in achieving his goal. It reveals whether he is in a positive or negative frame of mind. The optimistic tendency is expressed in the ascending and the pessimistic tendency in the descending direction of the line. Tony has a natural rising alignment that projected his feeling about life and how to achieve his goal; which are optimist, positive, and full of enthusiasm.


4. Clear Communication Skill

The ideal form of oval letter writing is the clear one and Tony has it within his handwriting. The clear level of oval letter describes the communication ability to state what is inside his mind to other peoples. With this clarity level, Tony is very good in communicating what he wants directly. He may be less diplomatic at times, but what he expresses is what he truly thinks and believes which will enable him to lead with a very minimum misleading chance.


5. Controlled Emotion 

Slant reveals the writer’s degree of emotional responsiveness or respective lack of it. With the slant degree that he had (91 – 110 degree), it is quite challenging for Tony to response in the emotional area. As a blessing in disguise, this is also the reason why he doesn’t respond to pressure from others and able to framed his big ambition by continuing working on the vision without any emotional disruption.

5b 5a

The combination of those 5 VIP (Very Important Personality) items inside Tony Fernandes black box has mold him into a person who has an extraordinary goals, high enthusiasm, optimistic with a direct and persistence leadership yet still alert which able to captured his ambition to stay connected on the ground. In conclusion, Tony Fernandes handwriting revealed a character of a person who has an unrealistic goal that made him a creative person yet still possible to be a realistic winner in the race with his alert level.

Whoever and wherever you are, no matter what your nationality is, if you have the same traits of Tony’s in your handwriting, you also have that character deep within you. Investigate your own character to realize what potential do you have and prepare your self to have a great alteration in your life.

You can learn more from Tony by watching him in action on The Apprentice Asia on AXN.

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